(061) Inside Universal Podcast – February 11, 2017 – Universal Studios Hollywood

In this episode, Tyler Crouch, Chris Glass and Jon Fu discuss the new Universal Cinema, Universal Studios Hollywood’s ongoing construction projects, Tapu Tapu, MyMagic+ and more!


» 0:03:05 – The Inside Universal Member Meetup
» 0:04:45 – The story behind the new Universal Cinema at CityWalk Hollywood
» 0:17:30 – An overview and review of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Lunar New Year Celebration 2017
» 0:40:30 – Photo Update: January 8, 2017 – CityWalk, WaterWorld, the Backlot, StarWay and More
» 0:47:04 – MyMagic+ and Tapu Tapu
» 1:24:20 – User Questions

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About Jon Fu
Jon Fu is the former editor-in-chief of Inside Universal. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and may be reached at jon@insideuniversal.net.